Human hand pressing on security combination code to unlock for entering the room
Protect your home or business.

Security Systems

When it comes to protecting your investment, whether it’s a $10,000 home or a 10 million dollar business, you can trust Berkley Security Inc to provide you the security system that you need.

Your system will be tailored to you and your property as we do not rely on run-of-the-mill installations.

Let us take over your security needs

Do you currently have a security system through another security service? Switch to Berkley Security Inc for the service you can trust. Our security staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your emergencies and we offer discounts to active military, police, and fire department members.

Security alarms don’t need to be complicated

Many people believe that security alarm systems are complicated and hard to work around. Nothing can be further from the truth. We can show you how easy it can be to control your alarm system with a key chain remote that controls your entire security system remotely.

Supplement your security system

While your security system will be enough to warn you of potential emergencies, it may be a good idea to also add a¬†video system so you can see what’s going on at any time of day or night in your home or business.

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