Ensure that you are up to state and national fire codes.

Smoke and Heat Detectors

When it comes to protecting your home or business from the threat of fire, trust Berkley Security Inc to install the best fire alarm system for your building and ensure that you are up to state and national fire codes.

Our family-owned business has several decades of experience in helping people like you customize fire alarm systems for a variety of buildings.

Fire protection options

We offer a wide variety of fire protection options for homes, businesses and other buildings. Your home or business can be protected with smoke and heat detectors and businesses can also purchase horns, pull stations, and commercial fire panels.

Let the experts help you

We have been working with fire alarm systems since 1978, and we can help your church or hospital get all of the heat and smoke detectors you need as well as commercial fire panels to monitor your sprinkler system.

Monitor for fires remotely

Your smoke and heat detectors can be added into one of our security alarm systems. The detectors are on 24/7, even if the security alarm is off, so we can contact the fire department for you if you have gone away.

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